High Performance
Polyester Products

Performance Gelcoats

A wide range of high performance gelcoats and topcoats

Fire resistant systems

Systems dedicated to the optimization of the safety of people and developed by our R&D department

Tooling Systems

Complete and high-performance system for the production of moulds and models

Adhesives, Barrier Coat and Casting compound

A wide range of products to meet all your requirements

Recognized KNOW-HOW

Since 2002, POLYPROCESS, an independent SME, has been present in all sectors related to the composites industry. Know-how, quality, reactivity, customer service orientated, R&D, latest generation installations… making it one of the leading players in France, in the main European countries and far beyond (Africa, China…).

R&D, quality and the environment at the heart of our concerns

Our R&D teams work closely with the sales department in order to be as competive as possible on the market, to be reactive and to always be at the forefront of innovation with the implementation of pioneering and sustainable solutions.



Committed to providing total satisfaction to our customers, each batch delivered has undergone a complete series of rigorous tests and quality controls.


Reactivity of our R&D which regularly develops specific products for our customers. Manufacturing reactivity with a latest generation automated production line to absorb the increase in our volumes, while respecting working conditions and the environment.


Our growth strategy is based on continuous innovation. We rely on human and material investments made in our R&D laboratory, which are the driving force behind this dynamic.

Performance Gelcoats

We produce a wide range of high-performance gelcoats and topcoats for all types of applications.

Mould systems

As a specialist in polyester and vinylester resins, we have developed complete systems dedicated to the manufacture of polyester pools.

Low styrene gelcoats

We are strongly committed to the development of low styrene content products.

Adhesives, casting compounds

We produce a wide range of high-performance adhesives for all types of applications – fibrous, non-fibrous, lightweight, etc…

Fire resistant systems

We offer you a wide range of fire resistant products from our R&D department.

Colouring pastes

We produce our own mono-pigment pastes for full compatibility with our gelcoat formulation.

Performance Gelcoats
for shipbuilding

Latest news

Polyprocess at JEC2023

Polyprocess at JEC2023

#JEC2023 - POLYPROCESS AT JEC2023 25/26/27 april 2023 Paris Nord Villepinte The R&D and commercial teams of Polyprocess thank you for your presence on our stand. We keep in mind constructive and friendly exchanges and look forward to seeing you from March 5 to 7,...

Ready to see CORE L5185 B VS5000 in action?

Ready to see CORE L5185 B VS5000 in action?

Ready to see CORE L5185 B VS5000 in action? Excellent extrusion application, quick and even hardening, easy to machine, CORE L5185 B VS5000 keeps low level of dust while releasing large shavings during CNC.Follow us on


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