The company

Recognised expertise in customer service

POLYPROCESS is a major player in the transformation of polyester and vinylester resins with a full range of gel-coats, adhesives, mastics and casting compounds, as well as all products necessary for making models and moulds.


Established in 2002 near Bordeaux, the company has latest generation industrial facilities within the immediate vicinity of the international airport. Today it is present in all sectors of the composite industry and can meet its customers’ specific requirements whatever their size or volume.


Our quality assurance inspections are permanent for each product lot, which guarantees reliable production.


POLYPROCESS operates as a real partner to your business. Whatever your requirements, our responsiveness and flexibility ensure we can meet all types of demands and come up with customized formulas tailored to your business.

International presence

POLYPROCESS has a strong foothold in the French market and is also present in all industrial sectors that use composite materials in most European Union countries. The company is also very active in North Africa and has a strong presence in Eastern countries.

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