Sustainable Innovation

R&D – Quality Safety Environment

As a responsible company, we believe that all progress must respect the people participating in it and the environment.
To this end, the company not only has a high performance R&D department but also a rigorous Quality Safety Environment (QSE) department.

Research & Development

The R&D department works in close collaboration with our customers, developing the products that best suit their needs and keeping pace with the development of standards.
In addition, it also benefits from the strength of expertise of supplier partners with which we have favoured relations.
All UV ageing or hydrolysis tests are performed internally.

Quality Safety Environment

POLYPROCESS is a responsible company and takes care on a daily basis to operate with strict regard for the environment and the health of its personnel.
The QSE department permanently monitors regulations in order to meet the requirements set by the standards in force.
Quality assurance is performed regardless of the type of order. Full batch traceability records are kept at the laboratory.

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