High efficient gelcoats


•A wide range of gelcoats and topcoats is available, in versions for application by brush, spray gun and spatula, which can be adjusted on request.
•Each batch is inspected to guarantee batch-to-batch consistency of the colour, viscosity and reactivity.
•POLYPROCESS GCs are delivered ready for use.
The addition of additives can modify the characteristics of the gelcoat.
•POLYPROCESS GCs are pre-accelerated.
Different reactivities are available and can be adjusted on request.

The choice of the right application tools and the conditions of use are critical factors for the durability of the gelcoat.


Main objective : PROTECTION

Generally speaking, gelcoats represent the exterior appearance of composite parts,
and protect them against harmful external factors.
The choice of a gelcoat hence depends on the various stresses to which the part will
be exposed: bad weather, UV, hydrolysis, chemical resistance, fire resistance.

New regulations plan to reduce the OEL (Occupational Exposure Level) from 46.6 to 23.3 ppm.
It will shortly be obligatory to use products with low styrene content.



Our gelcoats are available in different versions, TOP COAT finish, with internal
mould release, abrasion resistant, anti-bacterial, different promotorisations, etc.
We produce all types of colour-matches: RAL, RAL DESIGN, AFNOR, NCS, PANTONE, etc.
Available in 5 kg, 10 kg and 25 kg tins, 220 kg barrel and 1250 kg IBC.

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