Cores / Barrier Coats / Colourants

Core, Barrier coats, colourants and resins


Flexible lightweight compounds with controlled shrinkage and controlled exothermic peak.
They make it possible to
>Replace core materials such as balsa, marine plywood or felt.
>Fill cavities while maintaining an optimal weight / mechanical resistance ratio.
>Improve surface appearance.
>Produce shapes and quick moulds.


They are used as a protective barrier behind the gelcoat to improve hydrolysis resistance. Sprayable, they substantially optimize production time.
They can be recommended when a good surface aesthetic is required, specially behing dark colour.


Colourant pastes for tinting polyester, vinylester and polyurethane resins and gelcoats. Formulated from styrene and monomer-free polyester resin compounds and from very high wearing pigments, free from heavy metals.
Available in styrene version.

> Excellent colouring power
> Excellent conservation over time


Injection resins with high wetting power and a low exothermic peak.

Available with internal mould release and/or anti-shrinkage additive for enhanced surface appearance. Tinting possible.

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