Bonding Pastes & Cast

High performance Bonding Pastes & Cast


Containing glass fibers Thick bond line – structural bonding
Light weight Weight gain – foam adhesive
Without glass fibers Thin bond line – stratification paste


Flexible Resistance to impact – dynamic bonding
Rigid Compressive resistance – static bonding
Filled Economical – not suitable for structural bonding
Not filled For enhanced performance
Anti-shrink Reduced print-through – wide bond-line and filling


N : neutral – B: white – RC : catalyst indicator – O/I : Ortho/Iso – I : Iso – VE : Vinylester


The resin concretes are ready for use and specially designed for pouring, filling and moulding parts.
They are responsive and have controlled shrinkage, their viscosity and density are suitable for the production of shaped pieces (statuettes) and sanitary fittings (basins, baths), as well as filling cavities and sealing.

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